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Coastal Connecticut Mom –  “Winter is Coming”

If you watch Game of Thrones you know “Winter is Coming” is a motto of warning… and vigilance.

If you are a parent living in Connecticut “Winter is Coming” carries that same weight!

We just saw the first flurries of the season across Connecticut. It means time to update your list of activities to beat cabin fever and assure the kids burn enough energy to sleep tight at night.

Thank goodness my 2 year old and 10 month old have always been sound sleepers– under one condition. They have got to have the space to run around like maniacs from 6am to 6pm, get tuckered out, and basically pass out from pure exhaustion.

So as the temps drop, my blood pressure rises! Where can these wild banshees go to play?

Here is a list of some of our very favorite winter Coastal Connecticut activities.

1. Kidcity Children’s Museum: www.kidcitymuseum.com

Facebook: Kidcity Children’s Museum

Kidcity is a children’s museum in Middletown with three floors of imagination play, where kids ages 1 to 7 play pretend with their favorite grown-ups. Exhibits are handmade, built by in-house artists. A museum is usually a place for looking, but a children’s museum is a place for doing! Exhibits designed to jumpstart your child’s imagination…and yours too.

2. Yale Peabody Museum Mission: www.peabody.yale.edu

Facebook: Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History

The Discovery Room is one of the most popular destinations at the Yale Peabody Museum in New Haven. Full of touchable specimens and hands-on activities, the Discovery Room also houses interesting live animals from both around the world and right in your own backyard. It’s a chance for families, and especially children ages 5 to 12, to explore the Museum’s collections. The Discovery Room’s most important rule is “Please Touch!”

3. Mystic Aquarium: www.mysticaquarium.org

Facebook: Mysticaquarium

At Mystic Aquarium whether you’re touching a ray, feeling the splash of a beluga whale, going beak-to-nose with a penguin or exploring the five most extreme habitats of our ocean planet, you’ll learn more and “sea” more than you ever thought possible!

4. The Shore Line Trolley Museum www.shorelinetrolley.org

Facebook: TheShoreLineTrolleyMuseum

Santa’s Trolley Winter Wonderland starts November 24! It’s a ride into the past at East Haven’s Shore Line Trolley Museum and your children can visit with Santa! Inspect the antique trolleys decorated for the holidays. Enjoy a complimentary cookie and hot chocolate. Check out the model train layout. Bring the whole family and the camera!

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