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Eve’s Apparel | For young women of any age

People like what Eve Comstock is wearing, a slightly off-beat version of the classic “little black dress” designed by an Israeli woman named Hagar Alembik, one of Comstock’s favorite designers. “When people ask me where I got that dress, or whatever I’m wearing…” she smiles, “I can invite them to visit me at my store.”

Her store, it’s convenient for a spontaneous browse when taking a Sunday stroll, but loyal customers don’t mind a little commute: Comstock’s collection of women’s clothes and accessories is remarkably unique and uncommon. “Different,” she calls it. “I don’t like to see myself coming and going.”

Comstock has developed a style that’s distinctive without being eccentric, and her merchandise reflects a bold and fetching attitude. “Head-turner clothing!!!!” enthused Chris R. of Guilford on Yelp. (Exclamation points are his.) “And Eve’s assistance and recommendations to my wife were spot-on. Just stunning…”

The atelier loves to wardrobe her customers. “Too often women are limited by their own vision of themselves. They’ll tell me, ‘I’m too short for that. I’m too old for that.’ But I tell them it’s only clothes. Have fun. Spread your wings.” She showcases pieces from slinky to comfortable, with fabric idiosyncratically cut on the bias, layered irregularly or lace paired unexpectedly with a business look. 
There’s the right thing for a special night on the town, and there are exactly the right things to shove in a suitcase. Comstock features clothes by Jason and Sun Kim, both divisions of Comfy USA who markets their lines as lightweight, packable travelwear, but versatile enough to wear virtually anywhere—even at home around town.

There’s a subtle color scheme in Comstock’s world. “I like things neutral,” she explains. “Lots of black, grey, and beige, so that many pieces are interchangeable. It makes getting dressed easier, those colors are sophisticated, and when you add an accessory in a primary color, it really pops.”

Shopping is like visiting Comstock in her parlor—there’s a comfortable couch and an overstuffed chair—except that things are for sale. The beautiful leopard-print scarf draped over a lamp, for example, or the scattershot beaded necklace tossed on a table can be yours. Clients feel at home and once they get to know Comstock, they understand more about her adventurous taste.

Born in the Amazon Rain Forest, she spent her childhood in Argentina. “My father was a wanna-be botanist,” she explains. “My mother was born in Siberia and she was the classic ‘older woman’, 17 years my father’s senior. They encouraged my interest in the arts.”

She studied at RISD and Paier School of Art where she majored in Architectural Design/Drafting/Visual Arts. For a while she was a full-time watercolorist, travelling to various art venues around the country. But she put down roots in New England, and here she stays, expressing her art now through the color, balance, and spirit of fashion.

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