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The House that Social Media Built Window Treatments

Dabbling in something new, Nicole and Mike of The House that Social Media Built decided to try their hand at window treatments. Shades, shutters, blinds, curtains & drapes, valances & cornices — you know — window treatments. Nicole says, “They really make a house into a home.”

The duo teamed with Kristen Wall with Smith & Noble. Having a successful interior design business on the Connecticut shoreline, and knowing what Smith & Noble offers, Kristen loved the social media real estate design project instantly. “As an interior designer, I am fully aware of the impact that custom window treatments can have on a room,” Wall says. “Function, style and personalization go hand-in-hand with window treatments. They provide the biggest bang for the buck in interior design.”

Couldn’t agree more, especially when it comes to working with Smith & Noble. Their treatments are stunning:

Whether for new homeowners or, say, a couple redesigning homes with their social media friends, working with a specialist is best when making these decisions. “Decorating is often an afterthought with young kids around, but it doesn’t have to be,” says Nicole. “There are many products available that are both safe and beautiful,” Wall adds.

Making it a one-stop experience with the simple steps of “measure, design, order, install,” Smith & Noble manages this aspect of personalizing one’s home oasis.

As we approach the vote for the custom blinds next week at The House that Social Media Built, it’s a great time to think about what you might do working with an expert like Kristen Wall. The personal touch, her expertise and the right window treatment add up to an incredibly inviting space.

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