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Turning up the Heat with a Kenyon Grill

Nowadays even our grills are PC, however, it means something a little different in grill talk. Kenyon Grill’s new PC technology means Precision Control, so you can turn up the heat on your summertime grilling without burning the burgers. This innovation, coupled with superior attention to customer satisfaction and brand new IntellinKEN touch option technology makes Kenyon the go-to grilling trailblazer for perfect summertime backyard bashes.

Setting themselves apart from the run of the mill grills, Kenyon Grills, based in Clinton, Connecticut is head and shoulders above the rest. Paying close attention to detail and offering customers the highest quality, most technically advanced, premium engineered, grilling options, Kenyon Grill is the Cadillac of summertime cooking apparatuses.

Once again outdoing themselves, Kenyon is excited to offer the newest addition to grilling ease; IntelliKEN Touch options. This integrating waterproof, touch control system equipped with swipe technology and user friendly features such as seamless touch control, with 16 exclusive heat settings and a built-in kitchen timer that shuts off the grill when it goes off, for added precision, is now available on eight grill models including electric grills, such as the Floridian, SilKEN Grill and Texan Grill. IntelliKen is the first grill line to allow users to set an exact temperature, to the degree, up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, by simple touch control, this feature has never before been offered on a grill. In addition, there is a safety lock option which can be activated at any time to prevent accidental changes and a new Smart Technology grilling resource, available in the Alexa Skills Store for Amazon devices. Consumers with enabled devices are able to activate, Kenyon Kitchen, to receive cookout advice from Alexa through simple voice commands. This resource allows users to ask Alexa questions around the best heat settings, cook times, recipe instructions, and more, to receive Kenyon’s programmed advice.

“At Kenyon, we are always looking for ways to make grilling easier for consumers, and now cooking questions are answered on-command and control is at the fingertips of each griller,” said Phil Williams, president at Kenyon International, Inc. “As a company dedicated to innovation, we hope our latest updates in technology will make grilling more intuitive and enjoyable than ever before.”

“Our company focuses on improving the cookout experience,” continues Williams. “When people choose Kenyon, we want them to feel like they are using quality products built by a team that knows what it takes to grill a delicious meal from start to finish.”

Kenyon began as a small manufacturer of aviation and marine instruments in 1931. As business developed, they led the way with the breakthrough development of ceramic glass cooktops for the high seas, becoming the standard for yachts around the world. The immense popularity of the cooktops led to a high-demand for shore-side models to be enjoyed in homes. From here, Kenyon began manufacturing smokeless and flameless electric grills that are safe for indoor grilling on boats, tailgating fun, RVs and the comfort of your own home kitchen. Using top of the line marine grade stainless steel, Kenyon prides itself on being the premier in grilling technology.

Known for its renown, grilling engineering prowess and trusted cooktop products, all of which are built to withstand indoor or outdoor cookouts for any occasion, Kenyon’s new IntelliKEN Touch™ product line is rolling out on the popular e-commerce site, Wayfair, and is available through the company store at www.cookwithkenyon.com/introducing-intellikengrills.

To access the latest resource for grilling with Kenyon, search and download Kenyon Kitchen in the Alexa Skills Store at www.amazon.com/alexa-skills.

For more information about Kenyon, please visit www.cookwithkenyon.com.

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