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Vintage rugs tell a story

Vintage rugs tell a story. Not only a story about where it has been, but also a story of how it was made, and whose hands expertly crafted it.

The intricacy of the patterns and weaving techniques, the subtle nuances and the dramatic differences, the faded edges and sometimes ragged fringe that indicate a life well lived. And the best part: each one is completely unique.

I find myself drawn to the adventure of searching for the perfect vintage treasure. One like no other. I believe we all desire to live in a curated environment. A space that feels unique, and is a true reflection of ourselves. Our homes are our native habitats, where we awake each morning, and relax every night. It’s where we congregate with family and friends. It’s where we go to feel safe and to recharge.

People have been asking me how I put such a well rounded collection together, and the only thought I have been able to put words to is ‘I just know it when I see it’.

Here’s a few simple tips:

Start small. Literally. There are so many awesome vintage rugs out there that are doormat size. Find one you love, and bring it home. Try it in your Mudroom, or maybe at your Kitchen sink, or even in your Bathroom. If you can’t decide between two, buy them both and put one on each side of your bed. Just go for it! It will inevitably find a home.

Once you’ve gotten some excitement and confidence brewing, go a little bigger, and maybe buy a runner for your hallway. I have fallen head over heals in love, on numerous occasions, with super long vintage runners. I’m talking like 15’+ in length. Just make sure to throw a rug pad down first so it stays in place rather than wandering around your floor.

It is essential for our interior environments to nurture us, especially considering how much time is spent indoors these days. Why not surround ourselves only with things that we love?

If you need some guidance, we would love to help! Send us (or bring in) photos of your space, any fabric/color swatches you have, and let us help you find the perfect rug. Our collection merely scratches the surface of what is available to us.

While this has been a passion of mine for some time now, it is only recently that we have created a true collection of vintage goodies now for sale in our brick + mortar Shop as well as on our website.

For more information please visit shopharvestmoondesignbuild.com

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