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Warm & Cozy at The Country Shop of Madison

Just looking at the clothing hanging in The Country Shop of Madison makes you feel warm and cozy.  The sophisticated yet relaxed style makes it a one-stop shop for women of all ages. “There’s a little something for everyone here,” owner Melissa DeBeradinis told me. On top of the casual style, shopping at this Boston Post Road shop with the natural light pouring in through the two big front windows is a relaxing experience from start to finish. It’s a no pressure environment where you can just unwind, shop, and enjoy.

But, it’s more than just the soft, comfortable fabrics that make The Country Shop feel so tranquil. History has something to do with it as well. The store has been around for well over 45 years in a few different locations between Madison and Guilford. Now owner, DeBeradinis, was a part-time employee back then. She worked for many years alongside the now manager who has been working at the store since she was 16. With over 30 years she’s a valuable asset to the business.

Knowing that the shop has been around and offering the same quality for so long has helped it grow a following and reputation. The shop has a faithful clientele.  Loyal customers have confidence in a shop that has been around as long as this one has. DeBeradinis explained, “they like coming in and seeing the same faces.”  Devoted shoppers know the type of service they are going to get and the quality of items they shop for. It’s these long standing relationships, commitment to quality merchandise, and services that has allowed The Country Shop to flourish for so long.

According to DeBeradinis, this upcoming holiday season is going to be all about the accessories when it comes to gift buying. Popular this season will be their cashmere wraps. These wraps are versatile, functional, and insanely stylish. Better yet, they come in not only standard colors like grey, brown, and black but you can also get them in bold and vibrant colors like royal blue, pink, and lavender. “They are just an easy gift and one size fits all,” DeBeradinis stated, explaining that she’s sold them to women of all ages. You can easily throw one on over your favorite jeans and sweater, layer it over a dress with tights, or even use it to dress up comfortable leggings and a tunic.

Scarves are another great gift idea since, again, it’s one size fits all.  DeBeradinis told me about their wide variety of scarves including silk, some of which are beautifully hand-painted. Like the cashmere wraps, scarves are versatile and easy to style for women of all ages.

Another great gift item at The Country Shop are gloves. Gloves are always a good gift for any Connecticut woman in your life and you can find a nice assortment here. There were soft, plush gloves adorned in pearls and sparkles which would be perfect for the more trendy woman on your list. Or, opt for the embroidered gloves for the more sophisticated style.

The staff enjoys helping husbands and boyfriends find the right gift. DeBeradinis  told me they get a lot of men coming in looking for a gift and they know how to guide them to pick something just right.

So, whether you’re a long-time shopping, in need of a good gift, or looking for a new place to find casual yet refined everyday wear, go to The Country Shop, a long standing Madison tradition.

Visit this wonderful shop at 684 Boston Post Road Madison CT, 06443
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