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The Wow Factor – ENH Restoration

Once Anna and Erik Forselius, the owners of ENH Restoration, have put their final touches on a home, all you can say is “Wow!”

The wow factor is the roof. They are known for their impeccably detailed home restoration work but Erik will tell you it’s the roof that brings it all together and makes a house really stand out.

“Not many people would tell you it’s because of the roof but it’s true,” says Erik Forselius. “It makes the house pop!”

ENH Restoration has been the premier residential and commercial roofing company on the Shoreline since 2005. Their specialty is remodeling period homes and modernizing them while keeping their architectural detail intact. Along with roof installation, they also work in siding, masonry, and chimney repair.

“We have an affinity for antique homes,” says Anna. “We even live in one! We love old things and making them new again.”

Their home speaks to their level of craftsmanship. They bought a fixer upper 1850 brick Italianate house with granite window sills a few blocks from the Guilford Green. And with the help of their architect neighbor Reno Migani, they brought the place back to its original splendor, keeping the footprint but adding special modern touches like soapstone counters. They also built an outdoor fireplace and patio and the house is beautifully trimmed with copper gutters. And Erik will tell you that their roof boasts CertainTeed laminate Independence, an architectural style shingle.

“Our roofing materials are the best you can buy and they are beautiful to look at,” says Erik. Copper is their specialty. As is slate, cedar, and Spanish tile.

“Alaskan Cedar is one of our most popular types of cedar right now,” Erik says. “Red and white cedars are good, it’s always up to the homeowner’s preference. Cedar has a New England charm to it, it has historical value and is authentic looking which is what people want.” Plus, Erik notes, it has this environmentally friendly aspect to it because cedar is sustainable – not only does the making of the cedar shingles require fewer fossil fuels, a cedar roof lasts three times as long as an asphalt roof. And it insulates really well, which saves on energy costs. There are also synthetic types of slate and cedar called Enviroshake that Erik likes to work with.

“These days people are looking for longevity,” says Anna. “ever since Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, people want something that lasts.” Most roofs today have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, which usually means 50 years. But what makes ENH Restoration stand out is that ENH offers a 10-year warranty on the labor, in addition to the manufacturer warranty. So if any of their customers ever have a problem in that time frame, they will come and take care of it.

Anna and Erik are known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail as much as they are loved for being a family run business. Their business name ENH is based on the names of their children: Emerson, Nils, and Hans, from the youngest to oldest. And they adore Guilford, for the community and for the gorgeous older homes. Having lived there for almost 14 years, their commitment to supporting local businesses and community events shows in their sponsorship of many local road races in the area including Guilford’s soundRUNNER Sea Legs Shuffle.

“We love that we are a small family run mom and pop business and we love getting involved in our community!” says Anna.

While asphalt shingles have been a popular option, more people today are requesting eco-friendly roofing tiles. Erik and Anna are proud to say their company leads with innovative product solutions. They offer gorgeous synthetic tile solutions made by DaVinci, EcoStar, and CertainTeed Symphony. The shingles are created out of recycled materials that are durable and impact resistant. And Erik thinks solar has a lot of potential. ENH currently works with solar panel installers to create roofs that will support the panels while also keeping the curb appeal enticing. The company Tesla has recently created a type of glass solar tile that is durable and warrantied for the lifetime of your roof. “That is the direction we are wanting to go,” says Erik. “It’s new so nobody is doing it yet but we want to start installing solar powered shingles as soon as possible.”

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